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This Season Has Ice Cream Written All Over It!

Our Ice creams and frozen desserts are a healthy way to make you happy! Meet our newest ice cream flavours – and say your sweet hello to Blue Bell Ice Cream, Krunch, Almond, Country Cone & more. Pick your favourite dessert now. Let us cater to your every frozen need! Enjoy free delivery!

Raspberry ice cream

Ice Creams

We’ve got a range of premium ice cream flavours to make your beautiful moments even sweeter in Belize. Come, have the truly delicious ice cream experience of your life. We welcome you to enjoy some heavenly ice cream flavours from Blue Bell, Krunch, Almond & Country Cone.

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Frozen desserts

Frozen Dessert

The love affair with frozen desserts begins here! What is the healthiest way to enjoy low calories ice cream in Belize? Undoubtedly, Arctic Cold’s frozen desserts! Whether you love strawberry, mango or chocolate, we’ve got the healthiest frozen treats for people in Belize to savour their favourite flavours.

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Locally owned business – catering to Belize’s every frozen need

Arctic Cold Ltd. is an ice cream and frozen desserts manufacturer and distributor in Belize. Whether retail or wholesale, we offer various types of ice creams to local and regional customers with aims at becoming the largest ice cream exporter within this region. Our ice cream and frozen products are made from local and imported ingredients and manufactured up to the highest standard. Currently, we have nine ice cream flavours and will be increasing it to fifteen by the end of the year. We have products from the top ice cream brands in Belize including Blue Bell Ice Cream, Krunch, Almond and Country Cone. Now, enjoy frozen dessert & ice cream’s fastest delivery ever!

Experience the best frozen desserts handcrafted with premium ingredients.

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